Working at 2010
Selected work:
Here are some of the projects I worked on at Buck. It is quite an amazing company and, the staff, the direction and the people at Buck are always striving for perfection. they are, to say the least, creatives. Furthermore, They have a good sense of "joie de vivre" (love their Ping-Pong tournaments). For more on the company and their tremendous body of work, please visit the web site:

During the production of Sherwin-Williams paint chip commercials, I had the opportunity to do some style frame/color scripts for small 15 seconds spots.

Grimbergen Beer
This is a series of animation/small clips i did in after effects for the beer commercial Grimbergen. Presented in the video are the clips and later on the final project. Other responsibilities during my production were also to do some preliminary style frames and some character drawings. here is a selection:

grimbergen animation compilation from jacques khouri on Vimeo.

Verizon Fios pitch:
this is a Pitch that i did at Buck. They wanted a more iconic look for the project. So i decided to use Scandinavian influences and very basic geometric shapes. As well, i was allocated enough time to do a quick animation test. Unfortunately the project was given to another company. This was my first frame. I was asked to change the colors to the "Verizon red".

final story pitch:

and animation test:

Verizon Pitch from jacques khouri on Vimeo.

Nick's FanBoy:
One of my first tasks at Buck was to do this small animation of one of the characters from "Fanboy and Chum Chum". It was part of a pitch for Nick television. Thanks to Gareth O’Brien For guiding me on the timing of the piece.

animation test chum chum from jacques khouri on Vimeo.

Global funds:
It is rare that you get a chance to do a project with a good message that could actually change the way people think. This piece is an HIV campaign on helping reduce children born with HIV. My responsibilities, with two other animators, was to help the lead animator, Conrad Ostwald, animate the piece in After Effects. Thanks to Conrad for his patience on a big project as well as his feedback.

Shown in the video is the part I animated based on the art director's (Yker Monero) style frames (shown bellow the video) Followed by the full clip of the campaign.

global funds Buck from jacques khouri on Vimeo.

Ally Bank Pitch:
Two other designers and I were called to do some preliminary animation for Ally Bank's end tag: The challenge was to create tags that are serious and entertaining at the same time. Here are my attempts:

Ally Buck Pitch from jacques khouri on Vimeo.

Fruit Snacks - Photo Booth:
This summer project was a small fifteen second commercial to promote fruit snacks (Fruit roll up, Gushers, Fruit by the foot, etc. ) by showing that the product is fun to play with as well as eat.

These are some of the preliminary sketches for the characters. Orion Tait (Creative Director) and Thomas Schmid (Associate Creative Director) were a great Help in helping me develop some odd designs. the finals were done by Stephen Kelleher, Kent Mudle and Thomas Schmid.

My second mandate for the project was to create an interesting environment to have the characters interact in. Objectively, my supervisors wanted a place that was fun and also summery. Since the project had a photo booth, I chose places where there would be a booth like the subway or the beach. One of the difficulties was to try to think that all the object within the background had to be designed and colored with fruit Snacks. My Background inspiration came mostly from Coney Island and Lucchetti commercials from

I also started designing and drawing diagrams to help the 3D Cg modelers create the backgrounds props.

Bellow is the 2D animatic as well as the 2D animatic in comparison with the 3D final and the 3D final of the project. The animatic was animated on ones and twos to allow the CG riggers and animators to have a better perception of the complexities of the movement. Kent Mudle, great animator, helped me animate a lot of the shot in the animatic. Kent also went on to animate the photo booth in the final production.

animatic FruitSnacks and Final comparison from jacques khouri on Vimeo.

Buck Summer Projet:
During down time, Buck create a summer project to permit the staff to do a short piece (under ten seconds) of animation. The mandate was to use the Bucky ball at the beginning and the end of the clip.

Buck_summer_project from jacques khouri on Vimeo.