Time & Again - 2010

time & again from jacques khouri on Vimeo.

Title: Time & Again
Length: 3:48 min

Work completed: June 2010
production schedule: one year on and off (accumulated four months from concept to final)

Director, creator: Jacques Khouri
Score: Azniv Korkejian

Project type: Short animated film

Synopsis: This is the story of a man’s daily life and how it is boring and quite repetitive. Project developed under the context of my sequential art studies. It is a study of the visual discourse of animation films.

Tools: Autodesk Maya, Adobe Flash, Adobe After Effects
Hardware: HP Laptop

Challenges: This project was quite a joy to do because it was my attempt at trying to merge two of my great loves: Comics and animation. While taking classes in sequential class, I figured I would try to integrate concepts of comic books like panel pages, text bubbles and integrate it into my work.

The challenges were trying to find a good balance between animation and sequential styles. I opted to go with cut outs and a more graphic style, like the great Chris Ware and Tom Gauld, because the cross hatching look was too jittery as well as the small panels were easier to read on a screen. I guess less is truly more! Another challenge was in trying to pace the texts and the sequencing of the moving images. As for sound, With the aid of Azniv, who is a brilliant sound designer and musician, we opted for something that would complement the story and not be too noticeable. She did a great job of balancing subtleties of comedy with tragedy.

Technically, I drew everything in illustrator then I animated the single panels in Flash and imported them in Maya. The reason I used Maya was because it was easier for me to move the camera around the "pages" as well as pace the story. Latter, I imported all the frame in after Effects to do final filtering and corrections of timings.

Work in progress of an animated sequential piece April 2010

every day test from jacques khouri on Vimeo.

initial test Jan 2010

seq_every_day from jacques khouri on Vimeo.

Frame shots: