Motion Media Journal 2012
This section is a journal documenting some of the projects i worked on independently or contract base:

March 2012: Sol beer2012
This project was done at Transistor studio with a great set of talented people. I was titled as a lead Cg artist. My responsibilities mostly where in creating the animatic/ then animating and problem solving the 3D cg development of the project. I animated from the barn scene to the end of the project. It was a great joy to work on this project and with a great team.

February 2012: Valentine 2012
During down time and After work hours, I was tempted to do a Valentine's card before the deadline, February 14! The project wasn't finished but this what i had so far. I liked some of the ideas and might use some of it in future projects:

February 2012: Pitch for YouTube
I was approach by Shylo in San Diego to help them Pitch for a youTube add to promote advertising on the youtube site. I truly enjoyed working on these and Shylo's direction was great :)
Here are the frames with the youtube colors applied to it:

Different color treatment:

Janurary 2012: Pitch for show: Battle of the Emsee
In January, during down time, I was approached by Monkey Brain in LA to pitch and possibly work on a show about the battles of MCs. The project was pretty cool because they wanted to mix live action footage of urban streets in different part of the States with a mix of animated drawn elements that would "pop" over top of it. Here is my attempt at the pitch which they liked and approved but never got pass that... :( Here are some of my favorites:

December - January 2012: Ministry of Heath Ontario
In late December, after I sent my Christmas video card (link) I was approached by Lisa Batke from Hesty to pitch for a health awareness web video for the Ministry of Health Ontario. The project was mainly to sensibilities the population of Ontario of the options they have within their health system and how the can help make it better.

Here is the description of the Treatment during the pitch:

"The project will be composed of multiple icons and simplified symbols to representing ideas and situations. The continuity of the scenes will be directed by geometric shapes, color and mostly arrows to indicate direction, rise and fall of ideas and of course motion. the camera work will have depth and use a lot of positive/negative shapes to indicate change of ideas. most movements will utilize all of the axis of the screen from rotations, to scales and as well as lateral. In brief, the transition should feel seamless.

Because of the nature of the subject, the visual should have warmth and a good feeling about it while having a serious tone. The elements will feel textured and less sterile (vector). The presence of characters will be at a minimal but the elements will move in a fluid and flexible way, the character performance will be reserved to the arrows and the elements."

Suffice it to say, I was trilled to pitch for this project and was actually allocated the project. Unfortunately the project was later cancelled during production. It was quite fun working with the people from Hesty, Double Plus and Black and blue from Toronto.

This is some of the animation done by me:

Here are some of the style Frames i did during the pitch process:

This is the Storyboard development for the whole project. Boards done by me and the color direction was done by Micheal McDougall from Black&blue in Toronto.