Motion Media Journal 2010-11
This section is a journal documenting some of the projects i worked on independently or contract base:

November 2011: Yammer Spots
Yammer spots done at CruxNY. With the good direction and aid of the Crux team, my responsibilities for the project(s), were mostly animation and compositing:

For the Logo animations, i was told to do whatever i wanted and just enjoy myself. Suffice it to say i love doing this type of animation. I designed and animated these two:

July 2011: Sprint 3D commercial:
Sprint commercial done at Transistor Studios. With the aid of others, I was responsible for rigging, animating, lighting and rendering the project. The complexity of the project was to animated a lot of droids in a short amount of time (~2 weeks) The video shows the progress as well as the final.

June 2011: Sony PlayStation home spot:
Spot promoting a PlayStation home winter villa spot. I was responsible for animating the motion graphics on some of the video captures of the villa.

June 2011: Zoobles pitch:
this is a project i worked on for Shilo San Diego for a pitch for a toy line called zoobles. The target audience is girls ages 4 to 9 so i decided to use more of a doodle look for the graffiti. here are some style frames.

June 2011: ESPN animation:
Spot done at Buck. I was responsible for animating some 2D special effect animation. The video shows the scenes i did and then the final project.

May 2011:Transformers rescue Bot commercial:
Project worked on at Transistor Studios. My responsibilities where to model, Rig, animated and render. I modeled Optimus, The police car and boulder (the green construction guy). I also helped out on the title logo animation. In this video, you can see two of my proposals. Also in this video is the progress of the project, some render scenes and a shot i animated and rendered.

April 2011: BMP commercial:
This is a project i worked on at Transistor Studios. It was a project that took 4 to 5 days during a weekend. I worked with the CD at Transistor as well as two other motion artist. it was a great project so here it is:

March 2011: Public Mobile web advertisement:
This is part two of a web advertisement for a Canadian telephone service company, Public Mobile, produced by some friends of mine and animated by them as well as I. The schedule was quite short, five days for the English and French track, and it was completely produced with adobe's after effects. The version presented here has the unfinished sound design as well as some of the timing and elements where reedited for the final. Personally i like the dynamism of this one.

public mobile advert 2 from jacques khouri on Vimeo.

February 2011: definition 6 Kids Screen:
This was a project done at definition 6. It was an internal piece to try to promote the companies' ability to do children's spots and commercial work. Design and concept done by the people at definition 6 . I was responsible of doing the base compositing as well as some animation.

kidscreen from jacques khouri on Vimeo.

January 2011: Buck style frame for Fruitsnacks
This is a style frame I did to complement Buck's pitch for a whole new series of commercials using fruit snack elements like fruit roll ups, gushers and fruit by the foot to build the world. The frame was done in Adobe's Illustrator:

December 2010: DQ style frames
Here are a couple of style frames i did for PiranhaNYC for Dairy Queen end tag pitch. They wanted it to be off the wall and hectic. The project was allocated to my good friends at Buck. I had a couple of days to produce these frames I really like the second idea:

December 2010: Nicorette end tag reanimated:
This is an end tag I did at Brand New school. The concept and the previous end tags were already done; I had to find a creative way to add the two tags together. The agency wanted the tag to fall of like a cue card and reveal the new one.

Nickorette end tag from jacques khouri on Vimeo.