Illustrations - I - 2000 - 2010
Selected work:

Illustration of cards illustrating different themes from Drugs, Sex and Rock and Roll.
I decided to illustrate the glories of the theme as well as the repercussions.
Initial concept - 2010

The Jack represents "drugs". One side show the power of drugs, the Ultimate High.
While the other shows the downfall; the crash. - 2010

The Queen is, of course, "sex". She is the seduction as well as one
of the results of Sex. - 2010

The King is "Rock and Roll". He depicts a rock stars' immortality and mortality. - 2010

The four was to illustrated the archer of having four fingers because he got caught.
On one side we see the four fingers and on the other we see the Diamond as
the Tip of an arrow. -2010

Proposed satirical Illustration For Mr. Bubbles Bath Soap - 2010

Black and White version - 2010

Composition sketches and development for Mr. Bubbles - 2010

Unused scientific magazine cover for the studies about life in the Future - 2008

Hardware store end tag illustration for Commercial - 2007

Illustration against racism - 2007

Illustration on the expression "Guns Don’t Kill People… People Kill People" - 2007

French Edition cover to Chomsky's book "Perilous Power" - 2007

French Edition of book on globalization and its effects - 2007

Unpublished poster Illustrating The concept of "He who speaks loudest, eats the rest!" - 2007

Illustration for office harassment and abuse - 2006

Unused racetrack illustration - 2004

Christmas card - 2004

Christmas card - 2003

Unpublished Pinocchio Book cover - 2002

Posters illustrating the Casualties of War. Reaction toward The declaration of war on Iraq - 2002

Self promotion Black and white drawings - 2002

Poster design for year end screening film festival. Co-creator with Jean Francois Beaudette and Julie Sigouing. - 2002

Commemorative post card for 911 - 2001

concept illustrations for flash info animation on a special dog collar - 2001

Self promo Post card for summer vacation - 2000

Unused editorial for office work article - 2000