Ijotalot Postcards
Here is a series of limited silk screen postcards that i did for ijotalot. They are limited and numbered of 250. they are still for sale. please visit ijotalot.com for more information.

Each card is based on a classic story and was designed and drawn by me. The postcard where printed by burlesquedesign

After reading and researching the stories, I tend to draw/sketch out some ideas then quickly start laying out the composition as I see fit.

After some time playing around with the elements, I start to draw out the type of font i would want to use for the card. In fact, all of the titles' type are traditionally drawn and cleaned up on the computer. I like to draw type; I find it soothing and just plane fun to do instead of searching a multitude of libraries to find one that I like. The illustration/design elements are created using only three flat colors per card.

The overall process takes about a month and i usually do them during down time or after normal work hours.


close-up of actual printed version: