Homage - 2006

Homage from jacques khouri on Vimeo.

Title: Homage
Length: 2:43 min

Work completed: June 2006
production schedule: ten weeks for R&D and six weeks for production

Director, creator: Jacques Khouri
Advisor: Christoph Simon

Project type: Short animated film

Synopsis: Abstract film depicting a territorial conflict between two arrows.

Tools: Autodesk Maya, Apple's Shake
Hardware: HP Laptop

Challenges: This project was my Master in Fine art thesis film. My paper was on "the influence of basic design and graphic design principles applied to animation" and I had opted to animate a story with simple geometric shapes. I chose the arrows because during my first degree in Graphic design some of the more basic exercises were to do compositions with only arrows (see example bellow). I used to enjoy those simple project. During my research I also noticed that with did not need arm, face and body to convey emotion. Good feelings are all base on timing. The story was influence by my relationship with my siblings. I have two brothers and a sister and we love each other but we also fight a lot. As I grew up, I noticed that sometimes conflict are not resolved but they are accepted. Hence agree to disagree. The colors were chosen to represent earth and water.

Technically, I chose the track before I animated anything and then did the timing with the music. Before I started producing the project, I had invested about ten weeks doing some research and development to produced some of the visuals and the way it would be animated. Everything was animated in Maya. The wires were done with paint effects and for the motion, hair effects was used. The arrows extruding and expanding where animated via Maya's history channels. Basically I would completely model the arrow's path by using the extrude and wedge tool and the reverse the history by keying it.

Example of "arrow image" done in 1994 during my degree in Graphic design:

Frame shots: