(Archive) Animated films - 2000-2002
Here are some project i did during my college years during my first degree in animation at Concordia University


29.99 from jacques khouri on Vimeo.

29.99 was my final BFA project. It took about a year to produce. My biggest challenge was to try and integrate 3D CG with traditionally drawn animation. I had developped a technique to render out in toon shading (becasue at the time Maya did not offr a toon shader!)
Some of my influences were "The Iron Giant" and Disney's "Atlantis".

Milk this you fat cow

milk2 from jacques khouri on Vimeo.

Milk this.. was my second year project and was all about trying to do an advertising commercial more than a short film. At the time I thought one minute was too short to tell a story. Everything was drawn traditionally then cleaned-up in Adobe Flash. The helicopter as well as the train where animated in CG 3D and then rendered frame by frame in flash. some of my influences were Craig Mccracken's "Powerpuff girls" as well as for character design, Disney's "Emperor's new Groove"

Milk boy

milk 1 from jacques khouri on Vimeo.

Milk boy was my first year animation at Concordia University. It was drawn on paper and then cleaned up in flash. It was a testbed for my second year film. I really was trying to integrate Graphic design compositions into an animated drawn film.